Summer 2018 Updates

I’ve been busy with major life transitions and doing some nonfiction freelance writing. But I’ve also been busy with my fiction writing as well.

I always seem to be “touring” and doing book promotions in the summer, so I kicked that off again this year with a reading at DreamHaven Books. While I was there, I read from Bright City, and I also read – for the first time – an excerpt from Mixed Blood, the first book in my new #ThinBloodlineSeries.

I hope to get Mixed Blood out by April 2019, but stay tuned for updates.

I will also be visiting comic book, anime, and pop culture conventions from July to November of this year. I’m forever grateful to my friends at Sewn Together Reflections for letting me table with them. Please take a second to learn more about them and their fantastic work, and you can see all of the cons we’re attending by taking a peek at my Events page.

Lastly, in case you’re interested, I have Bright City t-shirts for sale! I’m working on having other merch for both Bright City and Mixed Blood available soon.