Bat of Minerva Interview: Writing is hard…but fun!

So remember when I posted that I was going to have that Bat of Minerva interview and then I never talked about it again? Well, it’s finally here.

I talk about my influences, my (absent) writers habit and I even read a piece that I wrote during my time as a Givens Fellow. If you get a chance take a look!

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Appearances: The Bat of Minerva

On Monday, March 14, I’ll be a guest on The Bat of Minerva. I’ll be chatting about my writing journey and Bright City, my new adult, urban dystopia novel that comes out in winter 2016.

You can check me out live – the Bat airs at midnight between Saturday and Sunday on Minneapolis/Saint Paul regional channel 6, serving the Twin Cities metro area. Or you can watch later; all episodes are archived online.


The Bat of Minerva is a regional cable interview show produced and directed by Peter Shea, who received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota and has worked as an instructor at Gustavus Adolphus College and Minnesota State University in Mankato.

For about 20 years, the Bat of Minerva has featured thoughtful people–scholars, activists, artists, farmers–talking about their life journeys, trajectories, stumblings. From these conversations, hints emerge about the landscape of the academy and the world outside, the varieties of scholarly and thoughtful lives.  The interviews also communicate a strong sense of the energy or passion or even annoyance which keeps creative people thinking and working, year after year.

[Header image credit: Warrior Cats Clan Wiki]