Bright City book cover

Genre: New Adult, Urban Dystopia
Length: 56k words
Publisher: Passion Publications
Status: April 22, 2017
Links: Amazon | Goodreads

Abigail Drexler is set to inherit the Drexton Kingdom. But when she is expelled for treason and watches helplessly as her best friend is murdered, she finds herself abandoned to The Outlands. Captured by an Outlander clan leader, Abigail journeys through the post-apocalyptic landscape of a world ravaged by plagues and devastating climate change, and becomes determined to find her way back home and avenge the murder of her best friend.

When she is kidnapped from the Outlands by a fiery redhead, her life shifts to the Bright City, a beautiful, information-driven society that thrives on intrigue and manipulation. Thrust into this treacherous new world, Abigail is wrapped in a conspiracy that pushes her to the edge of sanity and deeper into the corruption of the Bright City. In this new world of information as power and information as currency, will Abigail find the clues to her exile and the keys to her freedom?