Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. The challenge is to write a story or excerpt from a story you’ve been working on in 8-10 sentences. Take the time to check out other writers at the link above! After this snippet, you can find earlier links to this story. This piece is entitled “Castille’s Stone.”


“Fuck nah, Reven, I am not gonna clean up any mess that this fool makes in your life again,” Porsche says.

“Thank you, Reven,” Liam pants after being dropped on the floor by the man in green and his partner in orange.

“You better say, ‘Thank You,’ to me, piece of shit,” Porsche growls, pushing one of her six-inch heels into his back.

“Porsche, stop,” I say, turning away from his pained squeals.

“Nope, you’re not getting started with this again,” Porsche snatches the small bottle of Belladonna from my grip. I didn’t even realize I’d picked it up.

“Now that I have your word, let’s talk about that spell,” Elise says before throwing back a double shot of flaming crimson liquid.

Maybe I should run to my mommy.


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