Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. The challenge is to write a story or excerpt from a story you’ve been working on in 8-10 sentences. Take the time to check out other writers at the link above!


“Zombies are stupid monsters,” Paul said to me as he kicked a pebble into a gutter.

“Yeah, but they’re just a manifestation of our fears around immigration, disease, otherness and all that stuff,” I say.

“True,” Paul says, picking through a trash can. He pulls out a three bags of slightly moldy bagels and grins like he caught a big mouth bass as he stuffs them into his backpack.

We note the spray painted writing on a large piece of plywood nailed to the main doors of a burned out apartment building:

Dead Here, Keep Going.

“Yeah, zombies are stupid monsters, who thought it was a good idea to create them. We could’ve had vampires.”

“Yep, that would’ve been cool,” I say.


Thanks for coming to check out my #8Sunday submission.

I’ve done a few of these before so feel free to roam the dcedwards.com site for other excerpts.

Also, if you want to check out my completed novel, Bright City, it’s available on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors: #8Sunday

  1. Vampires might be cooler, but they’d be dang dangerous! Maybe not wishing for intelligent, strong, powerful non-humans who view humans as food would be good. I love the commentary on symbolism, in the face of a real zombie apocalypse.

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