Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. The challenge is to write a story or excerpt from a story you’ve been working on in only eight sentences. Take the time to check out other writers at the link above!


The Black Death didn’t just descend on my town, it slammed into the bodies of all of us like a cleaver against a slab of meat.

None of us could have expected it. At least that’s what we told ourselves.

For years, we ignored the animals dropping dead for seemingly no reason. And when the birds flew away and never came back, we were just happy that our cars didn’t get poop on them anymore.

They call him Jack. Patient Zero.

He’s just the first one with the black scab and red rings on his face, but we were always sick.


Thanks for coming to check out my #8Sunday submission.

I’ve done a few of these before so feel free to roam the dcedwards.com site for other excerpts.

Also, if you want to check out my completed novel, Bright City, it’s available on Amazon.

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