Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. I’ve been away for awhile and now I’m back. I’ll still update “Castille’s Stone” every now and then but for now, as a way to jump in and get started, here’s a 8 sentence look into another world.

By the way, if you want to get in on choosing what I’ll write for the #8Sunday project you can check me out on Instagram for Writing Prompt Wednesday and make a suggestion! Shout out to Sahara_Frost for making this weeks suggestion: Babylon.

And my first book, Bright City is finished! You can find it on Amazon!


Yes, it’s entirely cliche.

New Babylon is an electric city existing in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The booze is cheap, the food is basically nutrient deficient paste, and I live in the slummiest of the slums.

But it’s home.

Today, my mistress has an audience with the Imperial Designer and I have on my “good” clothes. My Mistress picked them out for me when she was hopped up on Detrol. She thinks the black linen pants and the matching knee length shirt make me look sophisticated; and not like the cornrowed, brown-skinned street kid that I am.

I’m fairly certain the jackboots give me away.

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