Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. My hope is that over the next six months you’ll see either a nice & tidy 8-10 sentence flash fiction story or an excerpt from a piece I’m working on (like the one below).

Before you continue I want to Thank EVERYONE who has come to the site and checked out the stories. I am currently working on my novel Bright City and this has been a great opportunity to escape that world and hang out in others. Also, make sure you check out other writers at the link above and the Weekend Writing Warriors twitter #8sunday.

The world below is a place that I’ve really grown fond of Reven (formerly known as Melanie) and her sidekick/bodyguard/sober coach Porsche. They are embarking on a great journey! I hope you stick around to see how it turns out. Also, I’ve gone back and adjusted the POV and names from the earlier snippets. So it might be worth the extra minutes to go back and check out how it all began!

Thank you again and when you get a moment dive back into the world of “Castille’s Stone.”


“Damnit, Liam,” I groan.

“Well, he needs his ass beat anyway so…I don’t know why you called us here,” Porsche says, sinking into a leather covered loveseat. She takes a long swig of the champagne and passes it to the man in pink.

“I am fucking serious here, Reven, I will kill him,” Elise yells.

Her energy vibrates through me like tiny razor blades. My breath catches in my throat as I try to push out the pain.

“Bitch, you can kill his ass,” Porsche says, snapping her fingers expelling the energy from the air.

“I don’t want to die,” Liam mumbles from between the horse bit between his perfect white teeth.

“You need to die, sorry piece of shit,” Porsche says, pulling me up on my feet.

“Ok, Elise, I’ll do the spell.”


  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three
  4. Part Four
  5. Part Five
  6. Part Six
  7. Part Seven
  8. Part Eight
  9. Part Nine
  10. Part Ten
  11. Part Eleven

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