Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. My hope is that over the next six months you’ll see either a nice & tidy 8-10 sentence flash fiction story or an excerpt from a piece I’m working on (like the one below). Check out other writers at the link above and the Weekend Writing Warriors twitter #8sunday. After this snippet you can find earlier links to this story. This piece is entitled “Castille’s Stone.”


When you’re friends with an elemental Goddess things like three men pointing guns in your direction don’t seem as scary.

“You are not taking, Reven.”

Porsche’s voice echoed through the warehouse as her eyes flash from lavender to the pale yellow of lightening bolts.

“We’re working for Elise Morningstar; Princess of the Green Elms. She requests her presence.”

Porsche’s fireworks pause as quickly as they started.

“The chick from the shop earlier this evening?” she asks, her hands on her ample hips.

I shrug.

“C’mon boys,” Porsche says, moving up the stairs quickly looping her arms between the green and pink suited men, “Let’s pay Elise a visit.”

I follow behind flanked by the man in orange; I don’t think this night is going to end well.


  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three
  4. Part Four
  5. Part Five
  6. Part Six
  7. Part Seven

13 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors (16): #8Sunday

  1. Things sure can change in a hurry! I like Porsche. I don’t know why, but my visual was of Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element. I think you’ve done some great writing to have a reader get such a clear image.

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