Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. My hope is that over the next six months you’ll see either an excerpt from a piece I’m working on or a nice & tidy 8-10 sentence flash fiction story (like the one below). Check out other writers at the link above and the Weekend Writing Warriors twitter #8sunday.


Nothing truly horrible ever happened in Middleton, TX. Newton Jarlsburg never expected his life to take such a drastic turn. He’d been fishing; minding his own business when that body came floating down the river and tucked right up against the old wooden pier. The body, bloated and misshapen, looked familiar to him but he couldn’t be certain.

Three hours later the police told him it was his wife, Rebecca.

Newton and Rebecca had been fighting about her affair with the Sheriff of Middleton the night she drove off; leaving him with the dog, the cat and a mortgage he couldn’t pay without her salary. She’d been gone for at least three weeks. Her blood and his hair was found in her car just a few miles down the river; the extent of the evidence against him.

The day he sat in the electric chair he told the viewing audience that he was innocent; that he loved Rebecca and no way could he have murdered her.

A week after his death, Newton’s sister found a suicide note written on scented paper in Rebecca’s loopy script folded in the center of Newton’s favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye.

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