Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. My hope is that over the next six months you’ll see either an excerpt from a piece I’m working on or a nice & tidy 8-10 sentence flash fiction story (like the one below). Check out other writers at the link above and the Weekend Writing Warriors twitter #8sunday.


Maryanne and Elizabeth never had anything to worry about.

That is until Divine showed up.

Maryanne and Elizabeth weren’t looking for a new friend; just a new project. Someone to change, mold design in their images. Someone who could be easily discarded when the game was finished.

They weren’t expecting Divine to be any different.

She accepted the ruby hair dye, green colored contact, waist trainer around her barely pudgy middle with a smile.

They tired of her right before Christmas. And told her so under the mistletoe on Maryanne’s threshold

Two days later, the newspapers claimed the best friends were found embracing under the mistletoe; their eyes and tongues ripped from their heads screaming for divine intervention.

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