Welcome to the Weekend Writing Warriors challenge. My hope is that over the next six months you’ll see either a nice & tidy 8-10 sentence flash fiction story or an excerpt from a piece I’m working on (like the one below). Check out other writers at the link above and the Weekend Writing Warriors twitter #8sunday.



I listen to this young fae blather on about her new beau.

I can tell she recently dyed her hair to a lavender which seemed to shimmer because of the living butterflies attached to strategically placed braids.

Although the current style for younger fae is bold pastel glittery Disney colors, my generation prefers ancestral blacks, browns and dark greens.

“So what is it can I do for you, Elise,” I ask as I place the “I Didn’t Call Because I Hate You” cards into the “Ex’s are Best” section of the rack.

“I want you to give me a spell that says, ‘I’m sorry, it’s not you it’s me,'” Elise says, holding out a jar of Belladonna.

“There’s a card over there that says exactly that, has the spell and everything,” I reply sliding around the counter so I can avoid the sweet scent rising from the jar.

 “Yes, of course Reven, but, what I want is more…personal,” Elise says, leaning on the counter.

“What you want is against the law,” I remind her, brushing past Elise, her jar of Belladonna and her very short sighted desire for vengeance.

“I can pay you with a rune stone,” Elise offers, a small etched black stone glinting from her palm.

I snatch the rune stone from Elise’s hand and usher her into the curtained storage room; I just might pay with the little bit of my soul I have left.

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