Roxy pressed her manicured hands on the cool wooden surface immediately feeling the humming vibration of an object which has been witness to unfolding never ending history. She closed her eyes and sorted through the memories; one by one whizzing past her eyelids she glanced at each frame quickly like ticking through a slide show. She’d mastered this ability long ago; eager to not be trapped by its ability to isolate her from humanity.

As she scanned the images, she listened to the minimal buzz around the room. The group of men; detectives and uniformed officers standing around the perimeter whispered to one another afraid they’ll throw her off.  As the images slowed to a crawl and she isolated the one she needed she chuckled to herself; a throaty laugh she’d been told was sexy, she turned to one of the detectives and said, “Two of you should learn not to use the evidence as a bed.”

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