Roxy bent over the desk; her face so close to the wood that she could see the swirls in the mahogany underneath the finish. She knew the men in the room were watching her. They’d all been interested in her from the moment she arrived on the scene all six inch stilleto’s, tailored suit, and curves. She was used to it by now.

She stood up and removed her gloves happy to see her order that they wipe the fingerprints off before she arrived. She liked the theater of this moment; when every one in the room was holding their breath waiting to watch her place her hands on the desk.

3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday: Touch

  1. Nice six, D.C. I can see it all clearly. Would love to know the context. Hope to know more about Roxy next week.

    Also, loved your Movie Theater Snob Rulebook, and your letter to yourself. 🙂

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